Most of these parts are available locally; the primary exceptions will likely be the vacuum collection tube, the mylar, and the Peltier junctions.

For the Trough
  • mylar
  • scrap lumber
  • rigid backing material (to hold the shape of the trough and to affix the mylar to)
  • assorted screws, bolts, and other connective hardware
For the Manifold (these are all copper plumbing parts)
  • reducing T (3/4" x 3/4" x 1/2")
  • 3/4" copper pipe, about 4' (possibly replace this with a crinkly tube)
  • 3/4" cap
  • 1/2" copper pipe, a few inches shorter than the 3/4" pipe
  • appropriate fittings to get the two ports connected to the tubing
Vacuum collection tube (4' long, 2" in diameter)
A detailed explanation of the trough design